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Planning for a proposed Lobby Expansion is now underway! Please view the video below for a walk-through with Pastor Calvin to share the general plan and vision for the lobby.


INFO MEETINGS: Wednesday, March 22nd @ 6:30PM

Saturday, March 25th @ 9:30AM

VOTE: Sunday, April 2nd (by ballot at the Welcome Center)



            WHAT? – The plan is to have an open concept from the double doors in the auditorium to the double doors by the offices/water fountain. The area would also remove the walls moving toward both of the main restrooms. Café space would be made, and a mobile welcome area would be established. (The picture is an artist’s rendering of the space from the auditorium doors)

          WHY should we do it? – Adding a lobby will give us a large space for better fellowship, discipleship, outreach, and worship. A lobby allows for an improved first impression when anyone comes enters the church building. The space could be used in a variety of different ways. For example, church meals, quilt camp, VBS, Skippin Out, Titus 2, Refuge, baby/bridal showers, etc. The café experience will be greatly improved. A large space will also provide us a place to hold services if we need to expand the auditorium in the future. This expansion will eliminate the congestion we all experience before and after the service. People will not feel like they need to leave to get out of the way.


         HOW MUCH? – We solicited bids from four companies, and received three.  The leadership team decided to pursue the bid from Centurion Construction, LLC, located right here in Lewisberry.  Their bid, upon revisions, is $544,000. The goal would be to pay half as a down payment from savings and finance the rest. We have enough in savings to make the down payment, and the monthly loan payment is achievable with our current budget.


         WHY not do it ourselves? – There will be portions that we can do ourselves which will reduce the overall cost, but for now they are factored into the bid. The scope of work requires removing load bearing walls and significant electrical and HVAC work. We can help with some of the demo and some of the finish work. Our labor will reduce the overall costs.


         WHERE would the Passage classroom go? – We will make a new classroom for them by combining the music storage room, the prayer room, and the drama storage room. The storage rooms would be relocated.


         WHERE would the coatroom go? ­– In the room behind Pastor Calvin’s office. Also, a coat rack could be placed in the area outside the auditorium in the alcove in the hallway.


         WHEN would it be completed? – The project will take 3-4 months. We would like to have it completed by the fall of 2023.

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